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Kashmir files defamation case against Bilawal Bhutto

29, Sep 2014 By bhaarat

Bilawal Bhutto

In a shocking incident, Kashmir has filed a case of defamation against Bilawal Bhutto for his hilarious (yet stupid) statement that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan. It was typically pissed off by the style in which he said “Lavaange Lavaange Poora Kashmir Lavaange“. Kashmir said that the very thought of making it a part of Pakistan gives it goose bumps. It cannot imagine itself without basic amenities, lack of sanitation, frequent power-cuts and 500X more stupid Politicians. It claimed that its fame has reduced by almost 70% after the comment, as people, specially tourists started relating Kashmir and Pakistan.

Bilawal Bhutto was unavailable for comment as he is undergoing a throat surgery after his Larynx (voicebox) was torn due to excessive stressing on Kashmir. Needless to say he is undergoing the surgery in India as Pakistan doesnot have ample medical facilities. The lawyer of Bilawal Bhutto believes that Bilawal will not face any harsh punishment as he is still a juvenile. At the most he may be kept under supervision in childrens’ home for years till he achieves complete mental maturity.