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Justin Bieber applies for Pakistani citizenship knowing the benefits of CPEC

12, May 2017 By Vivek Tiwari

ISLAMABAD: Artist, singing sensation, and former drug addict Justine Bieber performed in Mumbai yesterday. On the other hand, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a press statement claiming that Bieber has applied for the Pakistani citizenship.

Justin Bieber happy beyond expression
Justin Bieber happy beyond expression

The press release says that Bieber came to know about CPEC (China-Pakistan Economik Corridor) while he was watching TV in his hotel suite during his stay in Mumbai. The release also says that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a phone call from Justine Bieber’s manager asking for the benefits of CPEC. While the representative was explaining the benefits of CPEC to Bieber’s manager, someone “who sounded like a kid” desperately grabbed the phone and asked to apply for a citizenship “right now!”.

Before the concert, one of our reporters asked the question about the same to Justine Bieber, the singer reportedly hugged him and went away totally ignoring the question. Our reporter is yet to recover from the shock.

Across the border, Panama-superstar and Pakistani PM Navaz Sharif applauded Bieber’s application for the citizenship and called it a ‘diplomatic victory’. Justine Bieber happens to be the third person since 2014 who has applied for a Pakistani citizenship after Asaduddin Owaisi and Shah Rukh Kahn.

Sources suggest that Justine took the decision after he was introduced to CPEC and its benefits. He was excited to know that CPEC will suddenly make Pakistan the second largest economy in the world.

The story is still developing and MFN will keep you updated as the story grows.