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Japan to implement Gujarat model of development

03, Sep 2014 By krantikari_yeda

Tokyo. The development model which was criticized by most of the people in India has found its appreciation in Japan. The Japan Govt has decided to implement the Gujarat’s model of development to improve its ties with India.

After Japan agreed to develop Varanasi as a smart city based on the lines of Kyoto, it was now moral responsibility of Indian Govt to give back and so we have decided to give my our precious Gujarat model of development said Narendra Modi.

Modi In Japan
Ek haath se do, aur dusre haath se lo.

The development model which was a mystery to most of the politicians and political parties will be declassified in the land of rising sun. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was ecstatic and was found eating khaman dhokla to show his happiness, while Modi was eating sushi.

When Faking News contacted Mr. Chin Chin Choo who is the alleged spokesperson for Japanese government he responded, “We are implementing Gujarat development model and we will begin it with declaring Japan as Dry Country. Apart from that we are planning to open authentic Gujarati hotels around the country which will mainly serve Dhokla and Thepla”. When the reporter asked what about the other developmental work such as setting up industries, to which he responded, “Just like your Ambani and Adani we have our own Honda and Toyota who will be setup their manufacturing plants in the newly created island near China border and we don’t have anyone to protest our decision also.

Japan is also planning to build a new smart city just like Ahmedabad and it will be named ModiShinzo where Gujarati-Japani bhai’s can reside. “We are planning to build 100 smart cities in India and now we have one more smart city coming up in Japan, Yeh toh Shagun ka ek rupaya city hogaya,” said Narendra Modi

Recent reports suggest that taking cue from Japan, China is planning to implement Arunachal Pradesh model in their country and may try to break in again to carry out the ground work.