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It’s official – Mr. Gill Anee from Kashmir is suffering from Schizophrenia

06, Jun 2015 By MRP

It is indeed a sad turn of events. Mr. Gill Anee, who has been behaving strangely these days and making absurd statements, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. His followers are now a devastated lot as they are at loss as to what part of their leader’s ideas to follow and what not.

Mr. Anee’s dual personality gets best demonstrated when it comes to the question of his citizenship. At certain times he says he belongs to India and at other times to Pakistan.

Syed Ali Geelani
Sometimes he asks himself what is his name

When it comes to applying for passport, drawing benefits like pension, when it comes to freedom of speech and expression (an extra dose at that), good life and such, he says he is an Indian. And in his heart, he is a Pakistani.

Doctors attending to him have given up on the case terming it “difficult to cure but curable using drastic measures….shock treatment and such.”

Mr. Anee’s state of mind is reflected in some of his utterances. On his own, he has added a new category of Indian citizenship, called ‘citizenship by compulsion’ to the existing categories of ‘citizenship by birth’ and ‘citizenship by naturalization’.

Experts are bewildered Gill Anee can change his personality at will, unlike in other cases of split personality. Also they are concerned that this is a rare case of mental disorder that is contagious and can spread by word out mouth, especially in the immediate surroundings.

In a related development, which is actually upsetting for Gill Anee, Pakistani government has in a suo moto statement said that they will not grant Gill Anee Pakistani citizenship.

“Mr. Gill Anee has revealed the truth today, that, he was not born in India. He considers Kashmir part of Pakistan and so do we. But we do not have place for people who speak truth, in Pakistan. So, his application for citizenship will be rejected, if he applies.”