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Israel is planning to drop iPhone 6 on Gaza for social media publicity

23, Sep 2014 By anonymousgardener
Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu revealed his new strategy against Gaza in a press conference
Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu revealed his new strategy against Gaza in a press conference

Jerusalem: After being shadowed by Islāmic States for more than two weeks, Israel has caught headlines again after declaring that it is going to drop iPhone 6 on Gaza.

Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu said in an exclusive interview, “A news trend on social media about the first iPhone 6 buyer in Australia, who dropped it on live television inspired me.”

In a daylong meeting with Defense Minister of Israel, Mr. Moshe Ya’alon, Mr. Netanyahu decided to drop the latest version of iPhone on Gaza to get Israel back on top social media trends. In a tweet late last night he quoted, “It feels proud as a Prime Minister to see my country’s name trending on social media. #Israel #ProudPM.”

CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook is happy to hear about it. He said, iPhone 6 is so much better than bombs. Unlike a bomb, it doesn’t kill you; only empties your pockets. He also sees it as an opportunity to improve Apple’s public image after the iCloud hacking incident earlier this month.

Bono couldn't hide his excitement after hearing the announcement from Jerusalem
Bono couldn’t hide his excitement after news came from Jerusalem

There are reports that Mr. Moshe has already ordered 1000 iPhone 6 for first phase of bombing on Gaza next week. Apple has offered latest U2 Album, Songs of Innocence and autograph of lead vocalist Bono on each phone if Mr. Moshe increases the number to 5000. Bono is very excited about the deal. He is in talks with Apple to sign a contract for releasing an album on the launch of each version of iPhone in future for as long as he can sing.

Hamas chief Khaled Mashal claimed that it’s a political conspiracy. He said in a report that after weapons, United States’ President Mr. Barack Obama is now using its corporate giants to attack the people of Gaza. He added with a muffled tone that he is leader of a people’s political party and it is not fair to compare Hamas with Islāmic State.

iPhone 6

Wikileaks has released a document early this morning claiming that Samsung CEO, Mr. Boo-Keun Yoon has ordered to drop the Galaxy Note 4 on each house in North Korea on October 17, also the launch date.

Meanwhile, #iPhoneOverBombs has started trending on Twitter. Users still waiting in line to get their hands on iPhone 6 after days of the launch have started to book flights for Gaza.