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ISIS to launch its own Mars mission to establish caliphate on Mars before west does

27, Sep 2014 By onesidedargument

Iraq. Feeling threatened by NASA and India’s Mars rover machines, ISIS also planning to create one to be able to establish caliphate on Mars and bring down the west’s supremacy.

“We are no less than anybody in this world, we’ll conquer the Sun too if that proves our point to the west,” said one of their leaders in recently released YouTube video.

Establishing ummah on Mars
Establishing ummah on Mars

American homeland security seemed surprised by the news about Mars mission, “We have nothing to comment on before the project is confirmed by our intelligent reports and we believe that ISIS doesn’t have technical intellect to build one of such missions.”

But if reports are to be believed ISIS have access to some of the scribble notes from Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s residence.

“We found some of the important concepts of escape velocity and we even have the desired shape to be able to overcome the gravity i.e. shape of a mace. The mission will be named as Ragalyan to show our reverence towards the writer of these scribbles,” said one of the ISIS associate who didn’t want to reveal his identity.

After learning about ISIS plans on Mars mission, Pakistan is planning to build a military base on Mars in collaboration with ISIS.

“We believe that India will go to any extent to harm Pakistan’s sovereignty, we are and will be ready for any challenge that comes from India,” added one of the senior officials from government.

“We just want to let the world know that we are and always been ahead of India in space race, we have some aliens in our country living for past 26 years under the human exchange program to promote cordiality between Mars and Pakistan. They are good friends of our dear leader Bilawal Bhutto and to commemorate this friendship we are naming our military base after our dear leader as Billi base,” read the official statement from Islamabad.