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ISIS to honour Teesta and Hamas to honour Kejriwal for their contribution towards promoting pseudo secular values

26, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

Baghdad/Gaza – International Islamic militant groups ISIS and Hamas have decided to honour Teesta Setlavad and Arvind kejriwal respectively for their immense contribution towards promotion of pseudo secular values.

A joint statement issused by ISIS and Hamas read as follows:

‘It is our pleasure to honor two jewels of our upcoming caliphete, Teesta and Arvind. They have given their unstinted support towards realization of our dream ‘An Islamic republic’ where all minorities like christians, jews, Sikhs, Buddhist,Jains,Hindus will be peacefully and honorably massacred. These two people are ensuring that the common public of their country will continue to get doses of pseudo secular propaganda which will keep them away from contemplating the disastrous consequences of rise of ISIS and Hamas. Our Brother Kejriwal held a candle light vigil for our people in Gaza whom we use as human shields. What an act of mercy from him when a few km away from him a town of saharanpur was burning and innocent sikhs were beinh slaughtered. It was sheer commitment from our brother kejriwal that he turned a blind eye for those sikhs and mourned for our gazan human shields. We hope our rich Arab brothers have compensated brother Kejriwal with huge Donations. Teesta Setlavad had even outshone Brother kejriwal. She has single handedly managed to take our acts of savagery to the level of divinity. She is a photoshopper send from heavens for helping us kill more and more Kafirs. What talent,what pictures,what creativity… Simply fantastic MARHABA MARHABA HABIBI HABIBI ALBAGDADI ALKARACHI ALBIRYANI. So we ISIS and Hamas hereby announce our highest honors for both of them.’