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ISIS to adopt slogan - Woh Pareshan Karte Rahe, Hum Kaam Karte Rahe

31, Jul 2015 By viveks

Syria: In its recent press release, Syria based terrorist group has declared that they were highly impressed by the Delhi based AAP’s slogan “Woh pareshan karte rahe, hum kaam karte rahe”.

“Woh Maaf/Mercy Petition Daalte Pareshan Karte Rahe, Hum Kaam Tamaam Karte Rahe”: Slogan Specially for Indian Liberals

The spokesperson said that slogan effectively captures their mode of working. “We too had been troubled by people across the world in carrying out our work of making Syria a model country”, said Mr. Bagdadi junior, the new spokesperson of the outfit. He also said that world media has been discriminating against them and is not showing their great work of beheading people which they do on daily basis.

He also urged American president, Mr. Obama to focus on managing USA and not interfere in their work. Spokesperson said that they have earmarked a huge sum for marketing their efforts across the world to counter adverse attitude of media towards them. Analysts expect that their would be lot of beheading and live burning videos in future. Meanwhile in India this adoption of an Indian slogan by an international outfit has put Mr. Narayanmurthy in a fix, who had recently commented that Indian items don’t have global reach.