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ISIS terrorist claims that he acted in few Indian movies (Pics)

09, Jul 2014 By manithan

Mosul: After capturing a portion of Iraq and Syria, it is celebrations time for ISIS/ISIL terrorists. Many of them are celebrating by cutting others’ hair (plus head) and blowing bombs (in crowded places). But after their rendezvous with several Indian captives, one of the ISIS fighter has now gone into Indian foods too much that he is endorsing to people about how good those Indian foods taste. One of our reporters got in touch with him and here are few of his endorsements:

At first, he was angry that there was no Green Chutney for the Samosa. Later, he learnt that one Nirmal Baba recommended that combo already, so he went for Samosa alone.

He was asking us again and again that whether this is a prasad from any “idol-worship temple”, as eating it would be haram. Upon saying that it is not, he tasted it till the last.

Though Boko Haram forbids Western education, they have not forbidden Western foods. Here, he is endorsing KFC chicken. He added that he had already tasted it when USA used to secretly fund & feed them.

Apart from these endorsements, it has been found that, the ISIS fighter had been a part of various Indian movies. Apparently, he is the one who had suggested to attack India, as a revenge of cutting his presence from those movies during post-production. Here are the pics he had shared as a proof of his involvement in those movies:

In this photo shared by him, he was seen eating Jilebi with Nana Patekar in Kamaal Dhamaal Maalamaal. Since Nana Patekar was eating more than him, he walked out of the movie set, he added.

He even acted 57 years ago in Maya Bazaar. As Ghatotkacha sang main lyrics, he is said to have ended it with “Ha haha haha haha“. He was furious that only his voice was added to movie and not this scene. When asked about his age, he said, he is always youth like Rahul Gandhi.

He is now seen enjoying Parathas made by Ila, as Saajan reads the notes. While we claimed that the Paratha size is too large to fit in the Lunch box, he showed his weapon to us and smiled. We remained silent for the rest of interview.

Actually, the Golgappa competition was between him and Raj and Taani, but since he won the competition everytime during the shooting, director had left him in the final shoot. This is said to have angered him so much that he left India to join ISIS in Syria