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ISIS protests over the exclusion of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi in 'Time's Most Influential People' list

17, Apr 2015 By rocky

ISIS launched a serious protest against TIME magazine over issue of non inclusion of its leader in magazine’s most influential people list. ISIS called them ‘presstitutes’ in a recently released video in which group of people were shouting against TIME.

ISIS protesting against Time Magazine, over not including  : This time in a Peaceful way and not beheading any foreigner
ISIS protesting against Time Magazine, over not including Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, in their most influential people list : This time in a Peaceful Way and not beheading any foreigner.

Jehadi John who again appeared on the video (first time without a man and knife) said that their leader not only influenced the people of Iraq and Syria but was also instrumental in bringing people from European countries in the war. John was clearly disappointed with the way Time prepared this list and vowed to trend #ShameonTime and #GoodTimeBadTime on twitter for 3 days.

Media speculated that ISIS must be out of foreign prisoners now, otherwise they would have beheaded a guy or two over such issue. Media is also shocked by the way ISIS planned their protest in the future. While a certain section of media do have sympathy with the cause of ISIS and they think that with the parameters involved Baghdadi should have been on the list.

While representative of Time said that it is not possible to include Baghdadi’s name in every list as his name is already present in coveted list of ‘most wanted persons’ of CIA and many other agencies and has been on top for a long time.

While In India, Digvijay Singh called a press conference and advocated for inclusion of Baghdadi Ji name on the list along with Rahul Baba and also proposed to write  Baghdadi Ji’s profile in the list.