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ISI planted its agents in India, a raw report form RAW chief

25, Aug 2013 By Shukla_ThePalamuTiger

In an surprising move which can further decrease the value of rupee along with India’s Status in International scenario, Mr. Rajv Tripathi, the chief of RAAW and son of a late congress leader has galvanized the media and international community by submitting his report.

This report has come to light in a time when India is facing incursion from three of its neighbors including Bangladesh. This report is about the ISI(Internet Services Intelligent) and its strategy against India

As RAAW is famous for encrypting and solving codes the report has also come in a puzzle format.

Mr. Dhruva Dholakia who is the senior officer of RAAW and is working under direct command of Mr Tripathi has made this report public on Honb’l supreme court’s demand on yesterday morning.

Ministers in a meeting to counter the RAW report
Ministers in a meeting to counter the RAW report

In a press conference Mr. Dholakia  addressed the world and told that this report can change the position of America’s CYA and other top intelligence agencies like KJB and MI series.Later on he read the report in front of media and people.

This report states that there is a small country that has emerged and challenged all the intelligence agencies across the globe by its strategy and implementation plan. he further added that the country he is talking about is In Asia and that too in south Asia.

On a question from the reporters of Faking news whether he is talking about India he denied and put one more clue that It is a part Indian sub continent.

On a guess of Mr. Halkat Pinto, a reporter, Mr Dholakia remained silent confirming the fact that it is Pakistan.

He told that their ISI has planted some of their men in our assembly. On a question to name those agents from the assembly he gave the following details that shocked the country.

According to his report these could be the men of ISI in Indian Assembly who are threat to national and International peace.

1. The person who holds the Ministry of Defence (J K Antony). 2. The person who holds the portfolio of Department of Botomic Energy/Department of eSpace (Mauni Baba). 3. Minster of  Affairs and 4. Few more unidentified Minsters.

So far Pakistan is continuously avoiding to comment on this report while the Indian ruling party has said that the second clue by RAW is wrong as Mauni Baba is a communal word, while we and  our team is secular so this clue is wrong.

In international community Russia has taken this very seriously and  has offered helping hand to RAAW to identify and eliminate them, while America has claimed that they already knew it.

“No one can beat us, I admit that ISI has done it but it was CYA which helped them with this idea and resources to implement it, so we are still the best” Said Mr. John Banana, the CYA chief .

The Wikileaks has backed this report and called it as RAW report. Wikileaks has claimed that it has more facts and proofs than there in the RAAW’s report with a clearly Identifiable pictures of the people so the RAAW’s report is a raw report.

A RAAW officer on the condition of anonymity told that ISI was planning to plant Tunda (Abul Garim Tunda) in CBI but the dedication of officers and countrymen helped them detaining him.

Opposition has demanded resignation of all the ministers as they could be threat to national security.