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IS leader Baghdadi launches "Clean Infidels" campaign, invites 9 more fighters to behead infidels

05, Oct 2014 By manithan

Raqqa: The IS (or ISIS) has launched a brand new initiative called “Clean Infidels”, which calls for peaceful fighters to behead Infidels and pass on the chain to others.

A video has been released by the IS media and is on rounds in social media and mainstream media. In that video, IS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, was seen speaking from what appears inside a bunker. The video starts with how the State has changed since IS took control of the portions of Iraq & Syria. After a few minutes into the video, the face of Baghdadi appears and he starts his speech, after uttering some verses, “I feel honored to launch a new initiative called ‘Clean Infidels’. We had already been cleaning infidels from our streets for the past hundreds of years, yet they somehow creep back and render our living impure. It is not alone possible for the IS fighters to clean all the infidels. We need support from every other non-infidels too. Always remember that, you cannot live with infidels, nor can you have trade partnership with them. We should get rid of garbage in our streets, but before that, we need to get rid of worst garbage who are in the form of Infidels. Our State should be Kafir-free-State.”

Immediately, the camera zoomed out and showed Baghdadi standing next to another masked man who was holding a infidel vested in a saffron suit. The masked man started the ritual of beheading the saffron infidel and when the beheading got over, the camera zoomed back to Baghdadi. He continued, “We might have been doing this for hundreds of years. But it was happening here and there in a dispersed manner. Even after so much of cleaning, there are still billions of Infidels. I want this initiative to be done in a full fledged manner. I invite all of the peaceful people to come forward and clean the world by removing infidels from it. As a token of invite, I suggest 9 different celebrity beheaders to start the job – Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Al Qaeda, Taliban, MILF, Indian Mujahideen, Hamas and anyone from Al Britain. Once these 9 people kickstart the ‘Clean Infidel’, then they shall invite 9 more and let the chain continue till we achieve our dream of kafir-less-state.”

An ISIS fighter, in video, accepting the
An IS fighter, in video, accepting the “Clean Infidels” campaign. After complete cleaning, he invited 9 other fighters.

After seeing their leaders beheading infidels, the “fighters” got a new zeal and started capturing infidels to show their commitment to the new empire. Several news channels were praising this initiative and even critics of Baghdadi were amazed by his new step. Indian journalists, on Twitter, praised the move by ISIS and felt bad for unable to behead the majority infidels here. Akbar Owaisi asked for the police to step aside for 15 minutes, while they do the “Clean Infidel” initiative. Indian communists and liberals pledged their help for the initiative and said that they are ready to co-operate and sit for the beheading sessions.

The Minority Finishing Affairs minister of IS, Al Bagal, even contributed to the campaign and urged others to do it with enthusiasm. But this cleaning Infidels before camera was told as publicity stunt by the Saudi Kingdom. In a press release, Saudi King urged “fighters” not to do this as a publicity stunt and that Saudi has been beheading infidels secretly for years together.

US President, Hussein Obama, gave a storming speech, “We should welcome the bold initiatives by the IS. I promise the world that I will not interrupt their holy tasks and instead, we will carry out our usual strategy of bombing civilian areas and arming another fighting groups to take forward this campaign. IS and our other brother fighters are good fighters. We should try to eliminate the bad Infidels first. Also, I want to stress that IS is not of a particular religion, but they are less violent version of the Hindu Terrorists.”