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Inspired from India, UK releases Julian assange

24, Dec 2012 By SM

London, Ecuadorean embassy. Inspired by India’s act of releasing Italian marines ahead of Christmas holidays, UK court has decided to release WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for Christmas and New Year Holidays. Decision came 3 days after an Indian Court allowed the Italian Marines to back go to their homes on Christmas holiday.

Foreign Secretary William Hague told press, “UK has seen the act by India as inspiration and are doing so to get good will like India is getting all around the world. On the same lines as India we have asked for the guaranty of € 1 million. We expect him to return back to London in exactly 10 days. Failing to which this guaranty money will be taken by the court.”

WikiLeaks founder is currently on refuge in Ecuadorean Embassy in London and UK bound by Swedish extradition treaty to hand him over to Sweden from where he will be further extradited to USA and later to the Heavens as planned by US.

This move is welcomed by the whistle blowers all around the world. Many charities has offered the guaranty amount. International Whistle blowers has also proposed to pay the amount although on the condition that Assange should not come back to UK/Sweden/USA or any other extradition friendly country after the holidays are over.

Meanwhile CON-gress spokesperson Shri Doigvijay Singh has opposed the decision as, “It holds back Rahul Baba from taking bigger role in world politics.