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INEMURI or sleeping while present

20, Aug 2014 By nandakumar

In Japan, ”INEMURI”, or sleeping while present, has taken new wings. According to recent reports, Japanese firms are encouraging office workers to sleep (or get their 40 winks), during working hours to improve productivity. There are unwritten rules about the traditional Inemuri  practices.

This may be new to Japan and to the rest of the world. But we in Hindustan/Bharat/India are aware of this from time immemorial. Any Togadia or Bhagwat will quote verse and chapter to prove that our ancestors had perfected this from the times of our great Epics!!

Kumbakarna was allowed to sleep longer than others keeping in mind his stature and nature of work.

In modern India, we have Deve Gowda, former PM,setting an example to the rest of the world , by sleeping in Parliament while on the job. His chela. Siddaramaiah, and now CM of Karnataka has proved his mettle and equaled his master’s prowess by sleeping in the Assembly during a debate.

And of course, the jewel and crown prince of our great Dynasty, Rahul Gandhi, proved in Parliament that he can outperform any PM or CM.

Last  week we read about a Pilot of Jet airways having his customary, controlled 40 winks despite the aircraft plunging 5000 feet.

In the recently concluded cricket test series, our fielders in the slip cordon were intensely practising Inemuri.

Every week we read about OMNI Bus and Lorry drivers sleeping on his job and running over road dividers and pavements, disturbing the sleep of roofless poor and innocent citizens.

We have also heard that many employees,particularly in the IT sector, fake Inemuri to impress their bosses that they are working hard and get a favourable review!!

All this shows that we Indians are way ahead of the Japanese, when it comes to practising the  management technique—INEMURI—the art of sleeping  while present on the job.