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Indian intelligence officer calls Waziristan 'a base of terror', sparks outrage

07, May 2014 By manithan

New Delhi: On a day the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is to campaign extensively across India, a controversy is swirling around an Indian Intelligence Officer named Amit Kapoor, who has called Waziristan (a province of Pakistan) a “base of terrorists”.

All political parties in India have asked the Election Commission to punish Narendra Modi for the statement of that IB (Intelligence Bureau) officer on Sunday. Amit Kapoor had said to his friend in a park near his home on Sunday that, “They (Talibans) have turned Waziristan, land of the Wazir, into a base of terrorists as there is no fear of the government, which is supporting their terrorism.”

Some innocent terrorists who are being victimized.
Some innocent terrorists who are being victimized.

Mr Amit Kapoor, who is in charge of the Af-Pak Terrorist Surveillance within IB, also said (while having dinner at home) that, “The Talibans were in Waziristan… Being the then Indian Spy there (Af-Pak border), I spotted them and even tried to kill a few. Since then not a single terror act has taken place in Afghanistan.”

Reacting to the outrageous comment, Maunumohan Singh said, “The comments by IB officer are cowardly attempts to spread fear and terror among Taliban sympathizers. The government stands committed to not fight Secular Terrorism in all its forms. I have already said that Modi is dangerous man and it is due to his speech in Mumbai that IB officer made such a comment on Sunday”

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, whose father and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh has friends in Waziristan, said today, “The Election Commission must take note of this. First Amit Shah called Azamgarh a base of terrorism, now again an another Amit has made such comments. Ever since Modi became the BJP’s PM nominee, he has been trying to divide people in the country.”

Samajwadi Party’s rival Mayawati also condemned Mr Kapoor’s comment. “Amit Kapoor’s ‘terrorizing’ remarks can affect the law and order situation in India. I want to appeal to the EC to take similar action as they did to BJP leaders alone. He shouldn’t be allowed into India. His comments can spark unfortunate incidents in India,” said the BSP chief.

Digjaya Singh attacked Mr Kapoor in an interview, saying, “Waziristan has been a symbol of Osamaji-Hafizji Amity. It was under the blessings of seculars from 2001…I strongly love Anrita Sai strongly condemn Amit Kapoor’s statement about holy Pakistan. This is because of Modi hiding about his marriage. Had he spoken in Assam about his marriage, Osamaji would have never attacked WTC in 2001.” Since our reporter was a male, the romantic aura around Singh was much less during that interview.

Activists and Intellectuals soon took Twitter by storm, with V Saradarajan tweeting, “Isn’t this an expression of fascist ideology espoused by Modi falling upon the ranks of IB officials. Shows their sycophancy. #ArrestAmitKapoor”. Immediately, Kochaidayyan Ayyub of Phulka tweeted, “Shows how Modi is responsible for drone attacks there. When IB officials can let Waziristan suffer from violence of the Hindutvas. #NoModi”