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Indian fixes NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover by hitting it

01, Jun 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Washington: Alekh Jain, who was visiting USA to meet his relatives, created sensation in all over the world by fixing NASA’s ambitious project, Mars Exploration Rover.

Reportedly, he did it by patting and hitting robotic vehicle in conventional Indian style. Impressed by his problem solving skill, NASA offered him position in their organization.

Mars exploration rover
Mars exploration rover

Earlier, NASA put open challenge to fix robotic vehicle designed to explore Mars, named as Mars Exploration Rover. Although, according to experts, a minimum of one month was required to understand working of various systems and sub-systems of Rover but NASA gave just one day. That’s why many eminent scientists raised question over significance of challenge.

However, in a press release, NASA clarified that they are doing so because of  some technical problems.

In an exclusive interview with Faking News, Alekh Jain said with smile on face, “I went there just to take a glimpse of  NASA’s building, so that later I could flaunt my selfie with the building on Facebook. Then somebody told me about some open challenge there. I took it as chance to visit NASA building from inside and to click more selfies.”

When reporter asked him that how he faced the tough challenge, he replied unconcernedly, “There was some vehicle similar to my nephew used to play with, but it was bigger in size. For a moment, I thought ‘Are they kidding me?’ But they clapped when I approached to that toyish thing. I applied same approach which I use when my nephew’s toy stops working. After I couldn’t find place for batteries in that toy, I started to hit it using my hand and legs at different places. It started to work when I lifted that heavy toy a little bit and dropped it on ground.”

“And they started to clap and cheer for me. Even my nephew doesn’t get so much happy whenever I fix his toy,” added confused Alekh.

Back in India, People are surprised to see so much attention from all over world to this news. When Faking News asked for his view on matter, Ramgopal Bajaj said in surprise while his 12 year old son was trying to fix radio by hitting it against his head, “Itna kyo aa raha hai TV me, itna mamuli kaam to kiya hai wo. Hum to TV, Radio, mobile..pata nahi kya kya thik kiye hai. Lekin kabhi ghamand nahi kiya aur naa hi subko btate phire.”

Although media termed him as geek but Alekh was surprised and avoided paying attention to such news.

“I was planning to do PhD from USA. But this incident broke my myths about US. I have decided that I would do my PhD under guidance of eminent Indian scientist Dr. Rajesh Katiyal who had invented magical suit for benefit of common people,” said serious Alekh Jain.

Meanwhile, once again President Barack Obama warned American people to work hard; otherwise soon Indian people would leave them behind.