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Indian court issues summons against US President

30, Sep 2014 By manithan

New York: An Indian court has issued summons against US President, for the acts of violence committed within and outside United States, in the last 240 years. As per the court orders, the current US president should appear before the court in 21 days.

The lawsuit filed by the Indian Justice Centre (IJC), a non-profit human rights organisation identified among the plaintiffs “two survivors of the horrific and organised bombing of Iraq 2003”, and called for response from current US President Mr. Obama, based on the Look At Your State (LAYS) and Genocide Amendment Statute (GAS).

Images of all US Presidents..ahem ahem. Obama missing in this pic, as he is unsure whether he is a President or a Golf player.
Images of all US Presidents..ahem ahem. Obama missing in this pic, as he is unsure whether he is a President or a Golf player.

Amreeka Jain, an American who settled in India and started IJC, said to Faking News, “We have filed the case against anyone who holds the post of US President, as the one who is in charge of state or country should be held responsible for the acts of criminals. Let aside the growing gun related crimes in USA, America has done crimes outside their nation too. So we have prepared a list of genocides that US President has perpetrated and aided and hold him/her responsible for all these. If found guilty, whoever becomes the US President will have to face the Indian jails till the overall jail term ends. We should look for human rights abuses outside India too and persecute those who kill people in the name of upholding democracy. We want to let the whole people here in India know that such things have happened in their dreamland, USA.”

Jain shared the list of crimes committed by United States of America (along with his funny comments) ever since its independence:

1. Revolutionary War – A war fought by Britishers who are happy with settling in America against the Britishers who are not happy with settling in America. The result of this war is Britishers who invaded and colonised America left the continent and came to be known as Britishers. The Britishers who chose to stay in the continent came to be known as Americans. Nevertheless, the fight between these “totally different” people killed 1 lakhs people.

2. Massacre of Indians: Not the Indians who lived in India, but the people who were thought as Indians by the Christopher Columbus and his partner explorers who wanted to plunder India and do soul-harvesting but accidentally discovered America. When the real Indians were holding resistance against one portion of Britishers in the real India, the unreal Indians were holding resistance against another portions of Britishers in the unreal India. Number of Native Americans aka Indians aka the original Americans who were massacred by the forefather of the present Americans stand at 20 lakhs at the least. Still a lower count than 2000 to be declared a Genocide..

3. Civil War: The great war fought by the upholders of human rights in the middle of 19th Century. This war was fought by a half of country which wanted the minorities to have some rights against the another half of the country which was fighting vehemently to keep the minorities as , guess what, slaves. Finally, the war came to an end and Lincoln (who still quotes from his grave) signed a document to declare minorities as free from the chains of majorities. In the movie Lincoln, one of the Confederate supporter, while discussing about the law, said “If blacks ask for rights, then women will ask for rights in the future!”. Forgot to say, the official death count is, 6.5 lakh people. That is, two groups fighting in a single nation and still not a genocide.

4. Lynching: Yes! Lincolnji signed the Amendments but that did not stop the majority from helping the minorities to rest in peace. Thousands of Minorities were lynched by white mobs and the minorities were unable to enter colleges till the middle of 20th century, when the minorities of India were holding posts in cabinet and making decisions. Still, I will always say, United States fights globally for upholding the rights of minorities, except when minorities happen to be Hindus.

5. Nuking: After having fun-time at home, they started to uphold (their form of) democracy outside their land. The effect of USA on World War I was less compared to World War II. Though wars cannot be treated as genocide, one particular incident helped end the World War II and was celebrated as holiday in USA. Some 2.5 lakh Japs were killed when they were yawning at home or office, with a LittleBoy and Fatman. No, they weren’t Laurel and Hardy, but two atomic bombs dropped by America over Hiroshima and Nagasaki that generated just 3000 degree Celsius and killed people instantly. No wonder, US was so scared on the magnitude of these atomic bombs that they go over doors of every country and knock them pleading not to develop nuclear reactors (against them). Then US President Truman said that ‘God helped them by telling secret formula of big-time killer to them, before their enemies”. This is not a genocide, yet we have the acceptance of a US President that he acted in it.

6. We never smelt Napalm in the morning: Around 10 lakh of peaceful communists were killed in a blood-battle with the democratic alliance in the Vietnam wars. Though the local Americans raised their voices against such attacks on alien land, things yet happened and the President still ordered it to happen.

7. The unknown, unheard Genocide: There is an unknown and unheard Genocide that had happened, right next to India. The so-peaceful Pakistan which was occupying Bangladesh was told to get out and before they got out, they just took the lives of local Bangla Hindus, which the statistics say between a range of 3 lakhs to 30 lakhs and more than 2 lakhs of women were raped (surprised as this happened outside Hindustan). The whole world was silent, read President of USA was silent on this genocide, and they let it happened because they do not want their ally to be worried.

8. The famous Wars on Terror (aka Terror Wars): The latest confusion caused by an US president, who chokes on pretzels and has the superhuman ability to read inverted books, has caused a lot of unrest in the Middle East portion of the world. To explain it in simple words, Bush did it because God told him to do so. Again 11 lakh human beings were killed, except the few thousands of terrorists who helped a few tens to flow plane into the twin towers.

Jain further added that, “We wanted to list all the Genocides aided by the United States, but our computers crashed, unable to bear the request load.”

Commenting on the summons issued, Micheal Das, a Director at the IJC said, “The Lays Gas Case against US President is an unequivocal message to human rights abusers everywhere… Time and place and the trappings of power will not be an impediment to justice”.