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Indian Bravery award for Steubenville Rape Victim

05, Mar 2013 By bindu123

Indian Govt has decided to award one of its 2013 bravery awards to Steubenville (Ohio) gang rape victim. This move comes after similar award being announced by US state department for New Delhi rape victim.

Officials hear say that this will highlight that two nations have a lot in common and also show that India is a equal strategic partner. However international female rights activist Cindy  has opposed this move and said that India has no right to give out bravery awards to American rape victims for its own record is tainted.

Indian officials on condition of anonymity have said that they believe that Indian gang rape was more successful as it created headlines internationally wheres Steubenville gang rape case was not not even covered by big American papers.

When pressured about American female rights groups silence about treatment of Woman in America while actively promoting India as basket case for women rights. Cindy murmured something about a civilizing mission than shut down her webcam.