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India to gain diplomatic victory over Pakistan in another 1000 years

15, Dec 2012 By lovelife

(Report filed on 1-Apr-3012): India achieved a major diplomatic victory after Pakistan agreed to constitute an Archaeological Survey Committee under the direct line of sight of CNO (China National Organisation), the successor of now defunct UNO.

The committee has been tasked to survey the places which India has been projecting as site of alleged Mumbai Terror Attacks allegedly carried out by alleged Pakistani terrorists. The committee will survey the location to find evidence of terror attacks.

For last 1000 years, Indians have been alleging that a some sites in Mumbai faced multiple terror attacks at the hands of Pakistani terrorists. Pakistan has always believed it to be a cheap Novel story projected by India as real story to defame Pakistan. Things are complicated as those alleged sites have gone under water because of climatic changes over last 1000 years.

At Itanagar, the capital of China, CNO President Huaa Wahaao has praised Pakistan for leadership and courage shown by it in resolving a historical issue. Huaa Wahaao has done PhD  on Mumbai Attacks under famous Pakistani Historian who claims his lineage to Father of Modern Pakistan- Hafiz Saeed.

Indian PM has claimed that this move of Pakistan shows its sensitivity towards outstanding issues between India and Pakistan.Indian PM, while trying to suppress his emotions and downplaying this major diplomatic coup by India, said that this will go a long way in building trust with Pakistan and a small but definite step towards resolving the long festering contentious issue of Pakistan’s claim on Bihar, UP, Bengal, MP, and Delhi.

Pakistan was represented by the CM of Kashmir.