Friday, 27th April, 2018

India-China War: All Chinese handsets stop working

09, Aug 2017 By Mukesh Kamath

India and China are at the brink of a war, thus declared Chinese media today. It would be a most inopportune time for an India-China War as India is ill-prepared for it. What was feared the most has become a reality with the Chinese wielding power much beyond their land. Chinese have a presence in telecom equipment, power plants, pharma, engineering, electronics goods apart from consumer durable supply. A war at this stage may cause more damage to the Indian economy than the Chinese.

Most Chinese handsets selling in the Indian market are regularly in touch with servers in China for updates to their firmware. Such handsets are most likely to be deactivated or stop working at the push of a button from the Chinese side. Or worse be used to track movement of people and machinery. What is more Chinese operating systems are finding acceptance among Indian developer community too.

Vitriolic one sided tirades in the Chinese media by war mongers has persuaded the general Chinese population that a war is imminent. The Chinese seem to think that an India-China War would give a mortal blow to India and cause just a bloody nose to itself. What makes the situation more alarming is that Al-Qaeda is trying to set up branches in our country and recruit gullible talent to channel them towards war.

Divisive forces within our country such as Maoists and Extremists have always tried to the push the country towards darkness and poverty. If reports are to be believed India will soon be fighting a three front war on both the Pakistani and Chinese sides along with the war within. With Indian economy looking up and Chinese economy slowing, the Chinese who were priding themselves about the fastest growing economy tag had lost prestige when India toppled the second largest economy from that position. With Indian efforts at demonetization applying temporary brakes on the Indian economy, the Chinese media has seen it as an opportunity to shame the Indians into growing slower and find their place somewhere among the lower growth countries.

Gorilla warfare and newer technologies imply wars of the 21st century would be fought on land, air, sea and in cyberspace. India and Indian soft power was quite evident when cheap Indian talent proved its worth around the turn of the millennium by rewriting code to solve the Y2K problem. If Indian software prowess were to be competing with Chinese hardware expertise It would be a battle among un-equals as India prides itself in quantity and not on quality. It is no doubt that world powers would be drawn in for they have strategic interests to protect.

The Chinese side is keen on drawing blood again and the blood thirsty Chinese do not want their supremacy to be challenged anytime soon.