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Illegal immigration reaches historic lows and reversing trends

27, Feb 2013 By ultikhopdi

From several decades there has been a huge influx of illegal immigrants in India and major part of these immigrants come from Bangladesh. But according to reports there has been a huge decline in this trend and in recent times illegal immigration has reached an all time low.

Extrapolating the census data gives a figure of 1 million of illegal immigrants currently, the figure was around 20 million in 2004.  According to research the numbers started to decline when congress party first came to power in 2004 and potential illegal immigrants decided to stay back in their respective countries.

Since 2009 when the congress government was re-elected there has been dual blow to the illegal immigrants percentage  that is : – All aspiring illegal  immigrants have decided to stay back and illegal immigrants who came in earlier are returning back to their homelands.

On January 1,2013 Mr Kancha Chenaa was crossing the Indo – Nepal border when he was caught by our correspondent UltiKhopdi . When Uitikhopdi interrogated Kancha .

Kancha   :  Uuuhhh shhalaaam Sahab ….. Sahab jaane do kyun pakadte ho pleaseeee….. UltiKhopdi   : What are you doing ?

Kancha    : Sahab going back to Nepal. UltiKhopdi   : Why ?

Kancha    : Uuuhhh sahab India ka haal toh pata hi hain na aapko . Uppar se 2014 mein congress dubara jeet jaye toh . Isse accha toh fir apna Nepal hi hai.

UltiKhopdi  : When did you come to India. Kancha     :  Sahab  2008 , ghar waalon ne samjhaya tha ki mat jaa congress ki sarkar hai  apna Nepal hi accha hai ….main hi pagal  tha … mere dost toh 2009 ke elections ke  results ke baad hi bhaag gaye the … meri kismat aur dimaag kharab tha…

UltiKhopdi knowing the facts and understanding the situation got emotional and said jaa re pagle jee lee apne jindagi…… aish kar.

Kancha   : Uuuhhh Sahab aaj apne hamari help kari hai shukriya …. Kancha aapka yeh ehsaan kabhi bhi nahin bhoolega. Agar 2014 mein galti se congress jeet jaye toh yaad rakhna aapka dost zinda hai …. Main aapko Nepal bula loonga . Ab chalta hoon.

In recent incidents the BSF(Border Security Force) have arrested several thousand Indians for illegally crossing the Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma border. Social scientist are saying the trend have reversed now Indians are trying to illegally migrate to much prosperous and obviously less corrupt countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma.If analysis are to be believed scientist say that  if congress wins 2014 polls, India will become world’s number one supplier of illegal immigrants.

However this trend has bought in great Business for travel sites and agents . UltiKhopdi contacted well known travel agent and a very big travel market player Mr. MyTrip Khurana . Mr. Khurana confimed millions of  booking have been made post 2014 elections results to African countries like Congo, Niger, Burundi, Malawi, Togo and many more. He also said that people of India are very smart all the tickets booked are cancelable and refundable in case the results are positive.

Several coaching institutes have also started courses of “How to become a illegal immigrant”.According to market analysis demands for these courses are  huge .

However the current situation of illegal immigrants in India is critical and they are keeping their fingers crossed and are hoping for Narendra Modi lead BJP to win so that they will continue to stay.

On the other side of the border the Bangladeshi supreme court has declared illegal immigration as unconstitutional and also said that illegal Indian immigrants “pose a danger to Bangladesh’s internal security.