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IITian gets PPO from Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In a first in the country, Siddharth, a final year student from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology received a pre-placement offer from the office of famous survival expert Bear Grylls (of Man vs Wild fame).

IITians making India proud everytime.
IITians making India proud everytime.

Apparently Bear was impressed by his ability to eat close to everything humanly possible and also to survive in the most hostile conditions available in India (an engineering college campus). Bear said in an exclusive interview to Faking News, “I was initially told by an Indian friend of mine that I might want to look into hiring students from IIT into my survival group. At first I was a bit skeptical, but when I personally visited the campus and had food in their ‘mess’, I found it difficult to stay there one day itself! These students must be superhumans to be living in such a place for 4 years!”

Siddharth credits all his success to Montuda, who prepares the food for his mess. “It was he, who prepared me for this challenge. Also, not having females on campus helped me on the road to this amazing job offer I got. Lack of females helped me hone my survival skills to the fullest and also helped me exercise my right hand muscles,” Siddharth said with a facepalm after the last sentence.

This opens up all sorts of new avenues for IITians. Apparently after this incident took place, a lot of IITians applied to various political parties who were holding fasts as they believed that they could consult them on fasting for days together as they had experience in that matter after avoiding mess food for months together.

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