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Huge uproar in Parliment after Indian origin Vivek Murthy takes oath on Gita in US

24, Apr 2015 By kishor

In what could have been termed as a great moment of pride for India, where Vivek Murthy is assigned as US’s youngest surgeon-general, the minute it happened, the next disastrous thing he did was take oath on Gita.

This has disturbed lot of pseudo secular group in Indian parliament. This included re-launched aggressive Ghajini version of Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, SP supremo Mulayam and Owaisi brothers too.

Communal Vivek!
Communal Vivek Swearing on Communal Book Geeta!

Rahul Gandhi said in parliment: Today when I woken up at night, I heard news with my eyes on TV that a person is daring to take oath on Gita. How shameful people have become in India. This has happened as communal government taking over the secular country. People are getting indulged in communal practices and distorting secular image of India. Additionally they have not even invited me as a secular young leader of this nation for his ceremony. If I would have been invited for this ceremony, this would not have happened (meanwhile Modi and Jaitley gossiping. If he would have been invited Vivek and other guys would have abstained from ceremony).

He also added that the congress demands this ceremony to be renamed as ‘JawaharLal Nehru Surgeon-General Banao Yojana’. In his last line he also said this would have also brought women empowerment in India (some of the present MP’s couldn’t understand why)! However Rajiv Shukla and Manishankar Aiyer exclaimed, “what a brilliant finishing line said by Rahul”!

Mayawati showed her upset by stating: This is the sad most day in the history of India. Yahan Dalito Pe Atyaachaar Badhate Jaa Rahe Hain. Jees Kaaran Ye Hua Hain. Wo Keetab Ko Lekar Log Aaj Shapath Le Rahe Hain (there are so many atrocities happening on Dalit and the this holy book is only responsible for it is being taken as oath).

(All the Hindi BJP MLA’s started creation ruckus in parliament over this statement and demanded apology and resignation right away. Otherwise threatned to create a riot like situation in the entire country). Mamta shamelessly continuing asked resignation of the PM Narendra Modi over this event saying communal Vivek being inspired by PM, as he gifted Gita to Japan president during his visit to Japan.

Owaisi brothers also said, “This is high time now we Muslims should unite with Dalit people (Mayawati gave a gentle smile on this statement both being unsure why!). They said if Vivek ever attempts to come back to India, within 10 mins we will kill his family.

Meanwhile Yogi Adityanath, Sadhwi and Giriraj demanded immediate action on this non Ramzada and also told that they have made similar statements in the past to woo the already non-violent Muslims in India.

Meanwhile Arvind Kejriwal/Kumar vishwaas and rest of AAP supporters gathered on Ramleela ground today to protest this communal act. They brought up a poor Hindu person with Gita book in hand and all the AAP workers wooed him to climb the tree. As per the last reports known to faking news, they all were seen to motivate him to do the suicide over holy Gita so that they can attempt to show that Gita is unholy book with the proof to entire nation.

Upon such development Arvind Kejriwal will get an opportunity to say, “Aapke Krishna Bhagwaan Ne Usko Ni Bachaya.. Maine Kam Se Kam Koshish To Kee. Ye Sab Modi Ka Kiya Karaya Hain. Main Aapse Vaada Karta Hoon, Jab Bhee Main PM Banunga Ye Sab Karne Kee Koi Joorrat Ni Karne Waala”.

Kumar Vishwas was also heard singing his famous poem, “Koi Deewana Kehta Hain Koi Parwaana Kehta Hain.. Main Ek Aam Aadmi Hoon Mujhe Dharna Hi Accha Lagta Hain“!