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How Baba Ramdev reduced unemployment rate in US?

18, Sep 2014 By lazyindian

Washington DC, USA. Unemployment rate in US is at 6.2% which is an all-time low post recession of 2008-09. Barack Obama was too eager to accredit this feat to “Obama Healthcare” which according to him has encouraged an average American to be fearless and take up physically dangerous and high paying jobs like WWE Wrestling, Pole Dancing  etc. as healthcare insurance is easily available to them.

However, ex – McKinsey Rajat Gupta conducted an insider survey* to reveal the real reason behind an increase in confidence amongst Americans.

Apparently, Ricky in US found out that Ramakrishna Yadav also known as Baba Ramdev has created fortune worth Rs. 1,100 Cr. in India and apart from nesting couple of sparrows in his thick beard the only thing he does differentially is to play around with his stomach in a visibly gruesome way, something which he calls as “Nauli Kriya”.

Excited by this Ricky practiced hard and perfected this art; he then appeared on “The Ellen Degenres Show” showcasing himself to the world and changed his name to Baba Kamdev. According to our sources, Ricky now has a net worth of $2 Bn. Inspired by Baba Ramdev’s (Shigra)Patan-Jali he has also started an institute namely “Prem-Jali” where Prem is an acronym of English conversion of 1st word of Baba Ramdev’s institute. Thousands of Americans have flocked to join this institute and have benefitted by increase in confidence and potency which is the real reason why people are taking up high paying dangerous jobs and hence unemployment rate is going down.

While talking to our reporters Rick mentioned that he would now like to inspire millions others and is writing his biography titled “How to suck it all in to bring the life out!”.  We at Faking News seriously hope that he is still talking about stomach.

*Rajat Gupta is inside a Federal Prison now so he couldn’t conduct an outsider survey.