Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Hitler decides to take rebirth as student of Rahul Gandhi

08, Sep 2014 By krantikari_yeda

After Rahul Gandhi said Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi had same energy, but they chose different paths because of their teachers, has let down the Fuhrer and now he has decided to take rebirth as the student of Rahul Gandhi. This was announced by the Fuhrer himself after he finished addressing ISIS and Al-Qaeda on the occasion of Teacher’s Day via video conference through hell.

When Faking News contacted the Fuhrer he said, “I was one of the successful dictator in the history of mankind and all the credit goes to my teachers who did not teach me anything. They had a very little part to play in my accomplishments. Now one of the tallest leaders of India Mr. Gandhi has said that I was HITLER because of my teachers. Well, when one of the most peaceful man on earth and the one who only speaks truth has said something about me then it has to be true”.

Heil Rahul!!!

When Faking News reporter said that Fuhrer has confused Rahul Gandhi with Mahatma Gandhi he responded, “Rahul Gandhi who? Is he not the most peaceful man on earth? Is he not the same person who preached non-violence? Oh man! Now you got me in a fix, no matter what, I have to take rebirth now as I have committed myself to it. Now I have decided to be born as student Mr. Rahul Gandhi and I know he will guide me through the right path and change my state of mind”.

Rahul Gandhi was very happy with the news and said, “When I got up at night, I directly went to RTI office to find out how many new karyakartas students have enrolled in my school, and that is when I found that after hearing my speech on the occasion of Teacher’s day, Hitler got inspired by my energy and words and hence he has asked me to bestow my knowledge and energy in him so that he feels empowered”.

Meanwhile looking at the energy levels of Rahul Gandhi, people of Amethi has requested him to use his conventional energy to solve the power crisis in the country.