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High alert across England after ten Hindus were seen doing Yoga in a London park

28, Jun 2015 By manithan

London: High alert was sounded across England and security tightened up after ten Hindus were seen doing Yoga which has got everything to do with Hinduism.

Yoga in Park
Intelligence photo of Hindus performing Yoga in London park today (Proof: Hand pose and Saffron mats)

Describing the alert, British Police Chief, Robert, said, “United Kingdom had been subjected to violence, attacks and hate speeches in the past. But, none of them were related to any religion. But, for the first time in the European soil, we could see a religious activity being done in the middle of the city, in day light, in a park where people of multiple faiths go for walk. According to reports, people were shocked to see around ten men, obviously Right-wing Hindus, doing Yoga around 8 AM in the park today morning. As soon as we got the reports, we immediately cordoned the place and sounded high alert across Europe.”

“We advise people to take care of their offensive levels and not get offended by seeing such religious activities being forced to our retinas by communal Hindus in a secular Europe. Such visual terrorism is the trademark of saffron terrorism, funded by Hindu Nationalist government and carried to our multicultural land by communal Hindus. Last week, there were training taking place in hidden areas of England. But today, they have tried to disturb our peace by showing such religious acts in open spaces. We will never tolerate such acts. We have remanded the people who had disturbed mental peace of people practicing other religions,” added Robert.

Following the alert, UK PM David Cameron immediately spoke to media. When viewers, bored of his usual non-tirade of ‘nothing to do with religion’, were about to turn off their TV or mobile live feed of his interview, he let off the biggest shock of his political career.

Cameron said, “People doing religious activity in the heart of England strikes fear into our hearts. But, we will not be scared of such attacks on our values. Yoga has got everything to do with religion and hence, I condemn this activity.” Britishers were shell shocked and choked by this sudden change of Cameron’s usual words post such alerts.

Meanwhile, in another news, five bombs which has got nothing to do with religion, ripped across different parts of Europe killing few infidels, following which the alert level was reduced and people were assured that normalcy has returned back to Al England.