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Hafiz Saeed alleges Indian media torturing terrorists, comes out of the cave

24, Jul 2014 By jugad07

In a shocking event, Hafiz Saeed billionaire terrorist and accused mastermind of Mumbai attacks, came out of his hiding and accused Indian media of torturing him.

In an exclusive candid interview to fakingnews reporter, he said “We have been tortured and harassed by Indian media repeatedly after my meet with Mr Ved Pratap. It is quite disappointing that the same media who telecasted 26/11 live and helped us to carry out our mission in a smooth manner are making so much fuss about this meet. My comrades who recently absconded from US prison says that this is 4th degree torture and even worse than what they had to undergo in prisons.”

He also told that he has been hiding from world since two decades and even best of best military efforts were unsuccessful to make him come out, but this media event has produced a huge wave of discomfort inside his organization which led him to come open to world. His organization’s attrition rate has also climbed up to 23% from the fear of getting their names to any media persons. Sources say that he is under tremendous stress, lost a quarter of his hairs and looking for some homeopathic treatment. He also sent a threating email to Baba Ramdeh seeking his yoga advice.

He is also planning to kidnap some Human right activists to demand a protest against his defamation. “If Human Rights group does not support us we will be left with no choice but to hire some AAP protestors who have good experience in such activities.” He said, issuing serious threats.

Obama has praised Indian Media for their work and asked his Defense secretary to learn some torturing techniques from this. Meanwhile the biggest relief for Hafiz is that Arnab has not yet asked him for an interview.

The journalist refused to reveal his identity considering the VED case.