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Gulf crisis inspired neighbors block top floor resident

10, Jun 2017 By funkaar

The current Gulf crisis, which involves the blockade of Qatar by its neighbors, has inspired a similar situation in India. This involves the residents of Sahayog Apartments in Delhi imposing a similar blockade on the top floor resident of the building. The Khanna family has not been allowed to use the building passageways for any purpose by the resident association, for the last 3 days.

This is on account of the refusal of the Khannas to pay the maintenance charges to the society for the past one year. “In spite of repeated reminders and polite follow-ups, Mr. Gopal Khanna from house no. 1402 did not co-operate with the society for regular maintenance. The escalation came when he employed a maid from outside for his house”, said Mr. Jerry Varghese, president of the society.

Now their daughters don't open the door fully
Now their daughters don’t open the door fully

“It was then that my son, who stays in the Gulf, suggested that we employ similar measures in this case of non-cooperation with the neighbors”, he added. As a result, in a sudden development on the morning of 7 June, the society barred the stairway and elevator access to the top floor residence of Mr. Khanna. In addition to it, the intercom facilities were withdrawn and no outsiders were allowed access to House no. 1402. The Khanna household will not be permitted to use the building facilities and hence, they are holed up in their house since then. Nor will any visitors be allowed access to them via building facilities, including the housemaid and any groceries,  home deliveries they order.

The FN team also managed to get a word from the watchman Ram Parsad, who is observing the developments daily on his shift. “Khanna Saahab bahut takleef mein hain. Unka kutta Tommy bhi. Ab woh potty karne ghar ke baahar jo nahi aa sakta. Kal MCD waale paani meter ka reading lene aaye the. Hum nahi jaane diye, management instruction tha. Ab shayad unka paani supply bhi cut ho jayega”, he rued.

Mr. Varghese is adamant that the blockade will be lifted only when the maintenance charges will be paid. Unfortunately Mr. Gopal Khanna could not be reached for any comments due to this blockade.