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Greek God of wealth ousted as the Greece debt crisis surfaced

14, Jul 2015 By Shikhar Nilabh

Mount Olympus: In a historic turn of events, Plutus, the Greek God of wealth and money has been ousted after the emergence of Greek debt crisis. The decision came out after a referendum held among all the Gods of Olympus on whether he should continue as the God of wealth or not. The Zeus, King of Olympus, had urged the Gods beforehand to vote for no. Plutus has not been seen lately in the mountain range and many believe that he left the place after having been lured by German leaders.

Hermes during the press-conference
Hermes addressing the press-conference

Hermes, the messenger of the Gods in a press conference said, “The Olympus has not remained the same as it was before Christ. A strange animus exists among the Gods living at upper Mount Olympus and Lower Mount Olympus. The Gods from lower Olympus lauds Demeter, the God of agriculture who once had started the socialist movement in Olympus and had condemned the decision of sending Joseph Stalin to hell. Meanwhile, Dinonsyus the God of wine has opened his new bar at the peak of the mountain. Greece was flourishing since Plutus had got his eyes back, but from 2008 AD, Plutus is slowly sleeping into mental depression. He hardly visits anyone now and we could not find him even at his permanent address, Reserve Bank of Olympus.”

With the subsequent implementation of austerity packages in Olympus, the tax imposed on the food, Ambrosia, has increased manifold. Zeus convened a meeting recently to plan the economic reforms which was attended by everyone except Penia, the God of Poverty. A force of online activists has been built by Ares, the God of war, which will spread the Trojan virus to hack the online bank account of European union leaders. Everyone has reportedly requested Zeus not to meet nymphs anymore as it will only increase the unemployment rate in Olympus.

The God Eris, for a social experiment, tossed an apple in the air recently, but there was no one wealthy enough who dared to catch it. The phone screen cracked as it hit the ground. Meanwhile, the visa application of Hermes, the God of trade, for visiting Europe has been revoked. The God Hades has reportedly made special arrangement to welcome the European union leaders in hell. The God of wisdom, Athena has requested all to be optimistic and consider Cornucopia, the God’s basket of fruits as half full.