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Govt to enlist help of Asaram Bapu and Rampal supporters to try to assassinate Dawood Ibrahim

14, Jan 2015 By Robb Stark

In a move that will surely send jitters down Dawood Ibrahim’s spine, the Central government has decided to enlist supporters of ‘Godman’ Rampal into National Security Guard (NSG) – India’s élite commando forces – to try to eliminate the notorious and wanted criminal on lines of Osama Bin Laden’s killing by U.S Navy SEALS.  The government has also decided to enlist support of Asaram Bapu, the powerful ‘Godman’ who is in jail after being accused of rape, for the same reasons.

Dawood Ibrahim
Worried Dawood

Rampal supporters’ display of skills during the siege of Rampal’s ashram weeks ago and Asaram Bapu’s expertise in covertly getting rid of witnesses seems to have highly impressed both the government and intelligence agencies alike. No sooner had the Central government announced the decision than it came to light that ISI – Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency – had hurriedly moved Dawood Ibrahim to another safe site (obviously in Pakistan) fearing for his safety.

Enlisting Rampal supporters is a very cost-effective method as they need just a small amount as salary as long as they get Kheer made from milk that Rampal has bathed in. They don’t need any training whatsoever and just a crash course is enough to get them familiarised with the NSG’s style of functioning. In fact, they are so skilled that NSG commandos have a lot to learn from them. The government has Maoist organizations to thank for this excellent training.

Prominent religious figures too spoke out on the issue. Art of Living guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, working on rehabilitation of Yazidis (the ethnic minority nearly wiped out by the barbaric militant organisation ISIS) has requested the Indian government to offer the Iraqi army – fighting a losing battle against ISIS – a few hundred Rampal supporters to turn the tables completely and make sure of ISIS’s quick demise.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, recently granted Z+ category security by the central government, has asked for the removal of his security detail and has asked for a few hundred Rampal supporters instead. He feels that having supporters who’d die for him and drink Kheer made from milk he bathes in, is the highest degree of security which can provided.

Karnataka’s Swami Nityananda is apparently seeking inputs from both Asaram Bapu and Rampal on how to get rid of witnesses in his own cases and fortifying his own ashram in Bengaluru respectively, so that he doesn’t have to run away to Kashi the next time there’s an order for his arrest, and can stay put without any worry in his ashram.

Pakistan, meanwhile, has taken serious offence to this move and has lodged a complaint with UN Security Council claiming such a move is “a needless display of aggression which will further increase tensions and deteriorate ties.” Indian journalists seemed to be in complete agreement with Pakistan’s views. Many of them even wrote long op-eds elucidating why talks are the only way forward and trying to eliminate Dawood Ibrahim does not bode well for Indo-Pak relations.