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Govardhan Parvat now in Scotland after the country votes to remain in British Union

21, Sep 2014 By Boka Bihari

Scotland finally voted to stay with the Union. While Scotland is having fun with even People who voted for Independence participating too , much gloom has descended in Indian TV studios. Some Anchors and Panelists are worried that dooms day has dawned in Scotland. However Some of them have privately admitted that there are two silver linings. The first solace  is that  The price of Highland  Scotch will not go up . Many of a special breed in India are thinking of shifting base to Capital Glasgow , one of the few regions which voted “Yes”.  The Second Silver lining is that Glasgow is Curry Capital of Britain.

Meanwhile The British Government has decided to rename the highest Peak in Scotland “Ben Nevis” after Mr.Gordon Brown. The former Prime Minister worked tirelessly to convince many in Scotland to stay with the Union. Even the Scots who wanted Independence have agreed to the proposal as Mr.Brown hails from Scotland. The Peak will be called “Govardhan Parvat” . Mr.Gordon was nicknamed Govardhan as for his affinity to Hindu rituals and Festivals.  Our own Baba Jis have hailed the decision as Govardhan is  related to Lord Krishna.AsaRam who has many disciples in Scotland will soon be issuing a Press note from Jail regards this.

Another aspect which has fascinated many in India is a joint appeal by Leaders of three Political Parties. A Joint appeal to Scots for remaining in Union was released. It has excited many in India like Manish Kiwari and Ashutosh.

The spell bee Master has even started practicing as he does not want to err like the DoorDarshan anchor who read Mr. Eleven JinPing in stead of Mr.XI Jinping . Faking news correspondent were fortunate enough to have some of his hand scripts. One of it goes like “The Pupil of India must be aware that a referred addendum will happen on right to have a Joke Pal pill . Pupils will hve to chose between whom to make the JokePal .  Pupils saying Aiyes will mean to say that they denounce …..” ‘बेगानी शादी मेँ  आशुतोष दीवाना.

Meanwhile “LI Na” , the best Chinese Tennis Player ever has bid Adieu. A well versed Anchor called “Fifty One Sodium bids adieu”.