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Google to design the official logo of ISIL

10, Jul 2014 By naughty13

According to reports, the terrorist group, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has asked Google to design the official logo of their organization. 

ISIL, is quite technologically advanced compared to other terror organizations in the world, having its own Arabic-language Twitter application created for Google and Android phones, “Dawn of the Gospels” and its own Android app, called The “Dawn of Glad Tidings”, to enable it to spread information via social media.

ISIL current logo.

There has been a purge of ISIL fighters on Instagram,, Facebook and Tumblr. Now the organization needs a fancy looking logo for itself, as most of the ISIL fighters complain that they feel embarrassed to upload the ugly looking ISIL flag with Arabic written all over it, when asked to upload their profile photo on the above mentioned social networking sites. ISIL officials are looking for some talented logo designers since the last few days.

The buzz is that technology department of ISIL is quite impressed by some of the designs of Google Doodles which were shown on the home page of the website during the recent FIFA World Cup matches.

The Google “Doodle Team,” as it’s called, is having a blast on-site in Brazil for this World Cup, offering up soccer-themed daily animations on the home page. Multiple versions each day,  in fact.

The chain of consequences started when a top management official of ISIL ’googled’ for live match score for the Iran v/s Bosnia and Herzegovina group stage match held on 26th of June. (The official originally belongs to Iran.)

While ‘googling’ for the live score, the official noticed a very fancy Google Doodle on the homepage of the website. He was so impressed by the Doodle design that the very next day he talked about it to the management of ISIL who further tried to contact the California Headquarters of Google to talk on the matter of designing a logo for their organization.

In a recent conversation with Ali Mushtaq Mulani, VP, Technology Division, ISIL has said that, “We are already quite developed technically. Almost all our fighters have their own Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts. We keep on telling our passionate fighters to click the pictures of the people they kill and post it on twitter and Instagram with scary hashtags like #CalamityWillBefallUS. Allah has blessed us with everything. All that we need is a beautiful official logo for our organization. Though we have an ISIL flag of our own but that’s not something like an official logo and I personally find the design on the flag quite ugly. We are quite impressed by the designing capabilities of engineers at Google. We have requested them to design a logo for our organization. We’d be happy if Google accepts our request. Money will not be a constraint, if we get the desired logo.

ISIL ,which is believed to have assets worth $2 billion, making it the richest jihadist group in the world, would not have much problem to spend some millions to get a fancy  logo designed by the IT giant itself.

The Faking News Team has also tried to come in contact with the Google HQ, Mountain View but their officials have refused to talk on the matter.

What do you think? Will the deal work? Only time will tell. Till then happy doodling……..oops…….. googling.