Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Going bald punishable by death in North Korea

27, Mar 2014 By karanmujoo

According to a recent news report form North Korea, supreme leader Kim Jong Un has declared that all residents will be required to sport the same hair style as him. This statement has struck terror in the hearts of North Korean men who are going bald, since for obvious reasons they won’t be able to sport the same hairstyle as his Excellency.

Men are reportedly ripping hair off from their other body parts and pasting it on their heads which is also proving to be a tough endeavour due to genetic reasons.

It seems this particularly hairy situation is not going to be over any time soon.  A silver lining in all this is that Baba Ramdev has been quick to release a youtube video advising them to rub their nails together in a last ditch effort to stop the balding. And save their lives.