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Glorious leader of North Korea demands western hairstylist; threatens nuclear attack

16, Mar 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Seoul: After spree of nuclear tests, the glorious leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un has finally revealed his demands directed to USA. Apparently the president of North Korea is not happy with his current hairstyle and he wants to change his hairstyle. Reportedly he is not satisfied by his current hairstylist either and he has presented life threatening and weird quid pro quo in an interview to country’s only news channel.

The Hair Style trend setter
The Hair Style trend setter

The Great leader of North Korea has publicly announced, “I want western hairstylist. I would prefer hairstylist of David Beckham. The USA is the most devilish country in the world and this USA has to provide such hairstylist for my royal hair or face nuclear war”, as reported by the South Korean news channel based in Seoul.

It has also been reported that if the hairstylist is provided and his highness is happy with his new hairstyle, the divine leader will provide his pictures to whole world. One of western television companies will be invited for special photo shoot. Such photos itself can increase the revenue of any company by billions in a day or two, according to the official statement.

Apparently this hairstylist job is not a cakewalk as the hairstylist is not allowed to use any scissor for security reasons. The hairstylist needs to do his job “without inflicting any amount of pain”. It remains to be seen what kind of hairstylist is able to do his job without using scissors. David Beckham’s hairstylist has refused to do anything for North Korean leader.

Back in USA, White House said that it is looking for such hairstylist. White House has earlier confirmed the veracity of the demand. White House statement said, ” President Trump has kept Japanese prime minister and The Greatest President of Russia in the loop of whole sequence of events.”