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Glassdoor launches ‘Jihad Portal’ to help Jihadists find right organization

28, Jul 2015 By Rohit Ballurgi

Washington DC:, the website which is committed to help people finding a job in a company they love, by providing reviews, salaries and benefits from employees, interview questions from candidates, is now hoping to help Jihadists too, “find a way of waging war against the infidel that’s right for you,” by launching a Jihad Portal, it was confirmed today.

“There’s a huge confusing market in terrorism, particularly in afterlife care,” said Glassdoor founder, Mr Tony Hall.


“Al Shabab in the Maghreb has instant paradise on a kill-as-you-go deal, whereas Al Qaeda in the Yemen is offering unlimited virgins on a 24 month contract. How do you decide?” Tony Hall added.

Glassdoor Jihad is a portal, where terrorists anonymously review their terror organizations, their management, benefits and their afterlife care.

According to BusinessWeek, Glassdoor “verified that the reviews came from real terrorists through technological checks of email addresses and through screenings by a content manager team.”

Currently the portal shares reviews for, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, Hamas, ISIS, Harkat-ul-jihad al Islami, Hezbollah, Indian Mujahideen, and Taliban.

“Shortly we will come up with the reviews for all the Terror Organizations in the world, which will help the aspirant Jihadists to make a right choice,” said Mr Tony Hall, speaking to Faking News.

Terror Organizations have welcomed, and acknowledged Glassdoor’s initiative.

Showing gratitude to Glassdoor, ISIS has released a new video, “100 ISIS volunteers are seen beheading themselves, in front of camera,” titled ‘Thank You Glassdoor,’ is shared on YouTube.