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Furious over Telangana row, Obama decides to rename USA

01, Aug 2013 By inimish

1 Aug 2013, Washington :

White House called for an urgent meet last Tuesday to discuss the issue of the Andhra Pradesh divide. “The acronym USA made perfect sense until now. But now since the Andhra Pradesh is going to be dissolved, we are in a pickle. We have to do something for about 800,000 of our Telugu people.” reported a source from White House on condition of anonymity.

Most of the congressmen seemed to express their concern over the fact that The United States of America had a perfectly accommodating acronym for the largest Indian community in USA. Now with birth of Telangana and Seemandhra, we have to device a new name so that the Telugu speaking population gets their due identity.

“We have some real concerns with the Indian Government.” Obama was quoted in a press conference. “We are as it is busy in oil exploration across the world. But the Indian Govt always come up with some petty issues that we have to look into.”

Obama also expressed his concerns about some 65 Indian MPs writing down to deny visa to Modi. “We thought, we are now done with India and we can look ahead at some other oil producing nation. But the UPA government seems to have some strange strategy to counter our oil exploration strategies. They come up with some or the other US bothering issue. We are definitely going put a CIA inquiry on the need to create Telangana state. We suspect some foul play by China here too.”

Now the congressmen are divided over which state to be given the preference. While few say that since Hyderabad would be in Telangana, we should call ourselves UST. Others debated that the large number of Telugu population is actually from Seemandhra, so we should call ourselves USS.”