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Find/replace and cut/copy/paste now to be added to pakistan military academy training curriculum

30, Oct 2014 By shash101

Islamabad: After recent experiences, the Pak military along with the defence ministry has decided to alter the PMA’s curriculum to make its future officers better capable of operating in a “changing environment”.

Defence analysts from the inter-services intelligence discovered that there was a need and advantage during and after combat to accuse the enemy of one’s own actions. A captain of the Pakistan rangers says that this was a monumental discovery, teaching the officers to see the bigger picture, such as on the United Nations front. He felt that after violating the ceasefire on the line of control, it would be highly amusing to know that “those dirty kafirs of India” were accused by the UN of violating the ceasefire instead.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Pak defence ministry has decided to construct a computer lab at the Pakistan military academy, so that cadets know how to perform complex procedures such as find/replace and cut/copy/paste on MS word.

‘This would be useful, as is obvious while writing combat reports that are to be sent to media houses for publication, where “India” could be replaced by “Pakistan”, and vice versa,” said a glib Gen. what’s-his-name, hon’ble ┬áchief of Pak army.

“Already China has agreed to buy computers from Reliance digital store, and in fact, we have already inaugurated the Lab, though we couldn’t switch on the computers owing to a power cut. And anyways , China has been a little late in delivering the instruction manuals, so we do not have the know- how regarding the switching “on” and “off” of the computers yet,” said the Defence minister of Pakistan, whose name this reporter cannot remember at the moment.

Intelligence officers from India’s RAW refused to comment on this new development, and unfriended all their Pakistani friends on Facebook.

Aam Admi Party chief Mr. Arvind Kejriwal said that “high up government officials and ministers should put aside their selfish agendas and provide such facilities to the Indian Army as well.

Some of the more hardened officers from RAW, in a daring covert operation that went above and beyond the call of duty, took recordings of Pakistani soldier’s and officers, and even the respected COAS of Pakistan Gen.what’s-his- name dancing to strange, ethereal music (later found to be Window’s 7 sample music) and shared them on Whatsapp.

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