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FBI mistakenly scrutinised for fake news scandal during USA election

16, Dec 2016 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: In a bizarre development, it has been confirmed that Indian satirical news website,, was mistakenly scrutinised by USA’s FBI for Facebook fake news scandal during USA election 2016. FBI admitted, “One of our employees got confused. It was only difference of extra ‘ing’ in fake news and Fakingnews. It was an honest mistake.”

"Sorry", Apologizes the FBI
“Sorry”, Apologizes the FBI

The fake news scandal on Facebook has reportedly affected the result of USA general election 2016. There is alleged involvement of teens from Macedonia. Fake news websites originating from Romania and Russia are also under FBI radar. It has become hard task for authorities to identify fake news portals.

After accidental scrutiny by FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), team of fakingnews has issued clarifying statement. The statement reads, “We are aware of the mistaken scrutiny. However we have to clarify that we are India based satirical news website. We have no involvement in any fake news scandal in any country. Our name seems to have confused American  authorities. We have no connection whatsoever to any Macedonian or Romanian fake news site. We had never heard of those Latin American countries before. We hope we have clarified our position.”