Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

England asks India to invade their country for one day so they too can have Independence Day

17, Aug 2013 By Clark Kent

Governments in countries of England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are puzzled over the mammoth protests from their citizens over a demand for a National Holiday for Independence Day. The countries are in a state of emergency and are constantly in contact with Her Highness who is currently busy changing diapers of the Royal Baby.

Our correspondents are had a chance to talk to the protesters from these countries. When asked the reason of the protest one of them replied, “We also want a holiday. We also want to get into a patriotic mood at least once a year! We also want to flaunt our national flags, distribute sweets in schools, watch I-Day parades on national television. We have been deprived of all this so long, we deserve this holiday.”

“The British Empire has helped so many countries over the globe to help them express their patriotic side by granting Independence Day, it’s high time they do so to their own people.” said other protestor.

“Every country in the world has a national holiday on Independence Day. Even the United States of America has it! We also want a holiday! It is our right.” said another protestor.

When asked whether they wanted to overthrow the monarchy, “Hell No! Long live the Queen! Long live the Royal Baby!” was the reply from a rather angry and aggressive protestor.

Sources say that the leaders of these countries and Her Highness are considering inviting India for a takeover and then grant Independence the next day. Sources say India was specifically chosen for this task taking into consideration the history of non-invasion and that the leaders from these countries were confident that India would grant independence the next day. A highly ranked official who choose not to be named said they had come to this conclusion as India so easily gives up a piece of their land to Pakis, Chinese, Bangladesh, they would easily leave these countries. They were not so sure about countries other than India.

When the Indian prime minister was contacted to get a comment on this possibility, “Theek Hai” was the reply after a long silence!