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Engineering kid abducted by LeT after regularly top scoring in ‘Counter Strike’ in his hostel

22, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Udaipur. In a bizarre incident, a civil engineering student from a reputed govt. college was abducted by militants after he top scored for the 112th time in the game Counter Strike in his hostel. His friends, who were present with him during the incident, say a black Tata Nano came to a screeching halt in front of them, with smoke billowing out from its engine, while they were out celebrating his score in the usual chai sutta way at about 1a.m. in the night.

Terrorists hope he will turn out to be a good shooter
LeT hopes he will turn out to be a good shooter

His roommate, who was also celebrating with him, says 5 masked men came rushing out of the car and grabbed his friend with guns pointed out at others. They say the militants had a problem in fitting themselves back in the car as there wasn’t enough space in the car for 6 people. One of the assailants finally had to stop an autorickshaw at gunpoint and followed the black Nano in it as it left with their friend.

A tape received by the CBI, the next day, shows LeT commander claiming responsibility for the abduction. He says that, due to the drone attacks, they have been losing their top leaders regularly and the next junior in line is appointed the new leader. The situation has come to a point where new recruits are being made leaders directly. Therefore, they had to recruit a strategist who could guide their leadership during terrorist attacks. They had zeroed in on this guy as he regularly top scored in the game while playing as a ‘Terrorist’, successfully detonating a bomb in every round of the game.

The college students are in a state of shock after the incident. So is the ATS and the CBI. The state police were not available for comments as they were busy attending Rahul Gandhi’s rally at a nearby place in plain clothes to increase the number of attendees in the rally.