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Drunk confusion: Crimea and Ukraine

23, Mar 2014 By shuvdeep

A Saturday night drinking session led to a heated altercation at the local bar as reported by this journalist who was also drinking in the same bar!

The shady bar and restaurant was serving its customers in usual fashion on that evening. But two friends entered the restaurant and chaos followed soon. The friends who often met in such places considered the discussions on the drink table as an intellectual activity to ponder upon the current state of affairs of world and their homes.

It was after the fourth round of drinks when conversion drifted towards world politics and the left leaning, Ajoy said something about recent Russian activities in Crimea. Apparently, Ajoy was annoyed with US verbal attack on Russian diplomacy.

The confusion started when Murthy, the other friend, imagined Crimea and Ukraine to be teams trying to qualify for T20 world cup along with Nepal, Ireland etc. and decided to challenge Ajoy that Russian invasion might force these two nations to stop playing cricket and focus on Olympic events only.

A drunken Ajoy, assumed that Murthy was making fun of his views on world politics and finding himself in a corner, challenged in reply to locate Ukraine on Google maps on his cell phone. In reply Murthy challenged him to locate Crimea on the map.

The drunken friends kept trying to locate the countries but due to binge drinking, shaking hands and hazy vision, both ended up missing it. To impress further, Ajoy kept repeating that NATO is wrong in showing tough attitude. The debate migrated towards NATO and every time either of them yelled “NATO” the bar waiter Natthu came and repeated the drinks and the number of drinks multiplied for both the friends.

Towards midnight Ajoy and Murthy started challenging each other with their tenth standard Geography marks. Finally, the drinking session ended when Madhobi, Ajoy’s spouse called him to remind that her parents are to be picked up early morning from VT.

Next morning we tried to contact Murthy and he vehemently denied any such altercation rather he added very confidently that Crimea being a small nation can win the T20I world cup.

Ajoy was found in VT station sleeping on a bench waiting for his in-laws’ train to arrive as it was standing in the outer shed for two hours.