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Donald Trump is too Raees to be Kaabil

25, Jan 2017 By Viral Shah

Many Bollywood entertainers may have performed in Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, but Donald Trump has got a bitter taste of Bollywood from his protesters. Speaking to our correspondent the protester alleged that Trump was such a ‘Raeeszada’ that he can hardly be Kaabil for US presidency.

Donald Trump is already under the scanner for having the costliest inauguration ceremony ever in the history of United States. The ceremony has cost around 200 million$.

Trump’s reaction after seeing the outrage.
Trump’s reaction after seeing the outrage.

Social media is filled with wrath towards Trump. A video has gone viral which shows that Trump literally went into the WWE ring to slam and shave Vince McMahon. People are unable to believe how such a large democracy could even consider such a non-Kaabil candidate for the topmost position of the country.

When this issue came across Indian media similar comparisons were made with ‘Shehzada’ Rahul Gandhi. Rahul played smart reminding the press about his “Fata Hua Kurta”. He told that he was neither a Raeeszada nor a Shehzada. After the press conference was completed and dismissed he suddenly called the media back and added that he was Kaabil.

Meanwhile Shahrukh Khan and Hritik Roshan are having the last laugh for getting the free publicity. Reportedly there is an unexpected rise in advance bookings for their movies Raaes and Kaabil in the US.