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Doctors recommend Karwa Chauth for Ebola Patients to prolong their lives

13, Oct 2014 By Ajoy Kumar Singha

Geneva: After seeing millions of husbands successfully prolonging their lives by Karwa Chauth ritual performed by Indians, World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Karwa Chauth rituals for male patients suffering from Ebola. More than 4000 patients died because of Ebola in last few months. Doctors and health workers’ effort to find an effective medicine and vaccine for Ebola has not seen any success so far.

Karwa Chauth - The Temporary Cure for Ebola
Karwa Chauth – The Temporary Cure for Ebola

Scientists have been working almost round the clock to invent a cure for Ebola but all medicines seemed to be ineffective against Ebola. The test vaccines need more clinical trials and it may take few more months, if not years.

As the time passes, more and more people are getting infected by Ebola and everyday hundreds of patients are dying. But WHO officials were surprised when they heard about the Karwa Chauth festival from an Indian nurse working in West Africa. They could not believe their ears that such a short and simple ritual could actually prolog people’s lives. They were convinced that if this festival has been celebrated for hundreds of years by millions of married couples, how they can say it does not work. They (all the people) cannot be fool, all the time (together). Karwa Chauth surely prolongs people’s lives.

After a brief discussion with all the higher officials, WHO Director announced that they will perform Karwa Chauth rituals for all the married men who are infected with Ebola virus. This, they said, will prolong the lives of few thousand patients in West Aftrica region. If they can prolong patients’ lives until an effective vaccine is invented, that will be a great success, he said.

Meanwhile, Flipkart is planning a sale event for Karwa Chauth puja samagri. They are waiting for Government’s permission to export puja samagri to West Africa.