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Depleted of smoke bombs, Chinese govt to shift protestors from Hongkong to Beijing

27, Oct 2014 By manithan

Hongkong: Chinese government have decided to shift the Hongkong protesters to Beijing to stop the month long protests.

Protests are being held in Hongkong for the past few weeks, asking for political reform and democratic elections. This protest is also dubbed as “Umbrella protest” owing to the usage of umbrellas by the protesters.

Police have used all methods to end the protests, but the protesters are not leaving the venue for weeks together. Water was splashed. Nobody left. Threats were issued. Nobody left. Triad gangs were used. Nobody moved an inch.

This has caused distress to both the Chinese govt and the security force, as their weapons are getting depleted and their members feel tired of the protests. And two days back, the security personnel have used all of their smoke bombs capacity and they ran out of any methods to disperse the protesters. This resulted in even suspension of certain officers in Defense and Police Ministry.

Chinese Official News Agency printed this on first page of all Chinese newspapers, stating,
Chinese Official News Agency printed this on first page of all Chinese newspapers, stating, “The problem of pollution is in your eyes, What if the city looks polluted? Stop looking at pollution, you perverted mind! Carry on with your work.”

To put and end to all these commotion, the Chinese government have decided to shift all the protesters from Hongkong to Beijing. They are alleged to be planning to rope in pacifiers and psychologists and let them mix with the protesters. Slowly, the protesters will be made to believe that protesting in Beijing will give them louder voice.

A Chinese official, on condition of anonymity, said, “If they do not agree to move to Beijing, we will have to forcefully displace them from Hongkong to Beijing. We will just shift all of them from Hongkong to Beijing, when they are asleep. Even, if they wake up next day, they won’t find any difference, as the faces on the road are going to look the same.”

When we asked them the reason for shift to the capital, he said, “See, this is going to cost us a lot. But the moment they land in Beijing, the protesters will automatically give up their protests and leave the country itself. We are running out of smoke bombs and by moving them to Beijing, they will be subjected to smoke bombs for 24 hours a day. You don’t know about air pollution levels in Beijing. Only Chinese can survive it, not the Hongkong citizens. They will feel bad about the condition of Beijing and will give up the protest. The happiness of protest-less China is better than the money spent on shifting them.”

Meanwhile, a study on Beijing pollution levels by students of Delhi-based JNU have blamed Diwali as the main reason for rising pollution levels in the Beijing city. The abstract mentions Diwali here “…smoke starts to seep into Beijing, as soon as the Diwali festival is around. The smokes from the world gather here to meet the new smokes coming from crackers bursted in neighboring India…”.