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Declaring Rahul Gandhi his idol, Bilawal Bhutto says he will take private tutions from Mr. Gandhi

22, Sep 2014 By superchuza

Multan: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of PPP (Pakistan Pagla Party) today said that he considered Mr. Rahul Gandhi of Indian National Congress as his political idol, and was looking forward to get some private classes from him about making public statements and work on Women Empowerment.

To support his statement and impress Mr. Gandhi he went ahead and recited the very sentence every Pakistani politician has been reciting since 66 years, ” I will take entire Kashmir back  and will not leave an inch of it with India.”

Bilawal Bhutto

This came out at a very emotional moment when Mr Zardari Jr. was addressing his party potty  workers in flood affected areas of Multan. To show his concern for Dalit Muslims of Multan he visited the water-logged areas and tried to climb on the terrace of people’s home. For photographic purpose he requested the house owners to feed him lunch. The owners were reluctant initially as they had lost everything and very little ration was left for them to feed on, but when insisted by the kind bodyguards of Mr. Zardari Jr. they offered all the remaining ration to him and his bodyguard. While leaving Mr. Zardari Jr. gave the house owners a packet of Good-Day biscuits as a token of appreciation.

It seems he does not want to leave any stone unturned in order to impress Mr. Gandhi. In past he has been highly involved with the Ex- Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Mrs. Hina Rabbani Khar in every possible way to empower the women of pakistan and improve their socio-economic condition.

An issue on which Mr. Rahul Gandhi has been working since decades in India, and after having feast at a flood affected homes, it is almost confirmed that he in on the verge of becoming THE RAHUL GANDHI of Pakistan.

When our correspondents asked for views of Mr. Gandhi on this, he reciprocated by saying that it shows how much he is famous on the International platform and the people of India should stop making jokes on him.

He welcomed the idea of giving Bilawal private classes on public speaking and making statements but on the condition that Mrs. Khar should also participate in the lectures, as Mr. Gandhi  being a secular person wants to Empower the Muslim women of Pakistan by filling all the gaps in all possible way.

Mr. Gandhi on statement given by Mr. Zardari Jr. on Kashmir said that he should make such comments only after 3 months of coaching provided by Mr. Gandhi or at-least after a 7 days crash course of “How to be a Youth Icon” offered by NSUI of which Mr. Gandhi is the Chairperson.

Meanwhile Mr. Arvind Kejriwal of AAP sent a friend request to Bilawal Bhutto on Facebook.  Sources says that leaders of AAP are planning to write a letter to the Indian President in support of Bilawal Bhutto, representing the secular front.

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