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Cleanest nation of the world adopts Swachh Bharat initiative

07, Oct 2014 By Kishore

#Mycleanindia or the swachbharat campaign by PM Narendra #Modi found an unlikely supporter. On Monday morning the residents of Iceland, the cleanest country in the world in 2013 were in for a shock. The Iceland Government decided to adopt the #Mycleanindia initiative.

There was no garbage collection and all recycling stations were closed until further notice. The sanitation and municipal corporation also took a day off their normal duties to deliver brooms and a translated copy of Indian PM Narender Modi’s Swachh Bharat speech in Nordic and English as their new policy to keep their country clean.

Every citizen of Iceland has now been empowered with a jhadoo, an Indian made broom of reeds to take up the social responsibility of the  MyCleanIceland campaign and not expect their ”Swach karamcharis” or the garbage collectors, sanitation and municipal workers to be responsible for keeping the country clean.

Iceland had the best rating in the Environmental Performance Index in the world in 2013, while India is ranked 155 out of 173 nations listed in the index. So the move surprised and baffled many citizens yet a press conference by the Iceland Minister for Sanitation clarified the country’s new stance.

Impressed by the Swachh Bharat Campaign he agrees with PM Modi and claims the responsibility cannot be shifted to his department any longer.

“If a nation with the largest population in the world (India) can find such a simplistic solution to garbage disposal, garbage segregation, recycling and reusing waste  and controlling environmental impact and degradation, our systems that cost the tax payers so much money seem superfluous. “ he said in the press conference.

Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdoms, all listed in the top ten cleanest nations of 2014 have also asked their embassies in India to send them a detailed report on the Swachh Bharat campaign to use it as the basis to change their policies by empowering their citizens and making social responsibility the key stone of waste management.

Traditionally all western countries spend billions on garbage collection and safe disposal; campaigns for spreading  awareness about recycling and reusing waste; research to help set up industry standard for environmental protection, monitoring pollution management  as well as creating, researching and implementing environmental laws. Impact studies and research grants to reduce their county’s waste management and carbon footprint also feature heavily along with Environmental Protection Agencies with huge expenses spent of training and emplying staff to monitor and fine miscreants.

All the systems seem to have become superfluous and a waste of tax payers dollars/ euros after the Indian PM’s passionate and simplistic approach to waste management and environmental protection initiative called Swachh Bharat. It sure is a big win for the Swachh Bharat Movement and a slap on the face of the critics of the MyCleanIndia initiative!