Sunday, 18th February, 2018

CIA Frustrated with their failure to intercept any messages from Indian PMO

07, Aug 2013 By prabhakar

CIA director John O Brennan is threatening to disband America’s elite snooping squad, after they failed to intercept any message from the Indian Prime Minister’s Office. Sources told this correspondent that intercepting MMS’s messages is proving to be more daunting than intercepting the courier messengers of Osama. They also informed that they had deployed the very latest snooping devices on MMS’ telephone and cellphone, but couldn’t trap any conversation.

They went a step further and implanted a listening device in his mouth, when he last visited the dentist to remove his cavity. But that also didn’t pickup any conversation from him. Sources said that they are planning to deploy mind reading technology, if nothing works out. But that technology has not evolved yet and is being tested with women right now, with success rates of anywhere between 0% and 0%.

Another source tells us that the Indian Prime Minister might have mastered some ancient art of patience and silence, even in the worst of pain and insult. They are awaiting more information from the spy in the PMO.