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Chinese stapled visa controversy resolved by five year old Kashmiri boy

13, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Calls are mounting for five year old Abdul Bakri to be given the next Nobel Prize for Peace, after he deftly defused a tense standoff between regional superpowers China and India, at the Indira Gandhi International Airport this evening. Abdul and his parents, from Srinagar, were heading off to China for a conference organized by Tsingtua University, when immigration officials prevented them from boarding their plane. “When the official examined our passports, our Chinese visas were found to be stapled, and not stamped” explained Dr. Jameel Bakri, Abdul’s father.  “This was against Indian government policy, and we were not allowed to pass through immigration.” The family of four were heaped in the waiting area, and thinking of launching an indefinite hunger strike, when young Abdul reached into his pocket, and produced a…Chinese glue stick! “At first, we did not understand the significance of this colourful stick, which we thought was just a toy,” said Dr. Bakri.  “But then, little Abdul removed the staples from his paper visa, applied the glue stick on the back of the paper, and stuck it firmly to the passport page.  He did the same with the rest of the passports.” The family quickly went to a different immigration counter, sailed through with their newly stickered visas, and boarded the flight to Beijing. “In one fell-swoop, Abdul has solved the travel problems of Kashmiris and Arunachal residents,” marvelled V.K. Malhotra, president of the Archery Association of India.  “Our Arunachal archers have suffered a lot with this stapled visa problem.  But now we are all carrying Chinese glue sticks.” Welcoming the solution with open arms, Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid said, “Here is a solution that preserves our dignity as well as soverignity.  Using Chinese glue is a nice touch, as they will not be able to tell even on expert analysis who gummed the visa, whether it was the Chinese embassy or someone else.”  Issuing directions to all immigration officials to be issued with glue sticks, Mr. Khurshid smiled broadly. “We are calling it glue-stick diplomacy.  Young Abdul Bakri will be remembered for sticking it to the Chinese for a long time!”