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Chinese soldiers offered NREGA benefits by India, AADHAR cards to be issued to them on a "war footing"

04, May 2013 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi, 1st September 2013. The UPA government has decided to offer NREGA scheme benefits to the 200,000 Chinese soldiers who crossed over into India after they were found to be redundant and fired from their jobs in May – June this year  in a surprise move by the Chinese government, inspired by the spiritual and philosophical Indian attitude to their intrusion at the border.

The Chinese intrusion into India
The Chinese intrusion into India

“When the Chinese have intruded into our households, malls, shops and factories with their goods what is the point in resisting them at the border”, said a minister in a hush hush tone privately on the lack of Indian response to the intrusion.

Learning from the earlier experience of their colleagues, these soldiers crossed over unhindered into Indian Territory where attractive schemes like NREGA are available to the unemployed. Being an election year, they were sure to be “regularized” by the Indian government in exchange for a favorable vote.

As expected, the UPA government has obliged and put up special camps along the Ladakh border from where they can get the AADHAR cards issued for availing the benefits under NREGA. Five branches of State Bank have also been opened along the border where they can open their bank accounts for direct transfer of NREGA benefits.

Mending Fences
India China – Mending Fences

It is reliably learnt that, to compete with India on such schemes, the Chinese government is announcing a scheme similar to NREGA called Mao-Tse-Tung Employment Guarntee Scheme (MATEGS) wherein employment benefits for up-to 125 days in a year shall be doled out with liberalized norms to match those of India.

The Chinese government is sure that they will be able to attract thousands of Indians apart from bringing back their own under MATEGS. With no Chinese troops at the border, Indians can also cross over with impunity

“This is a new type of warfare. If they offer 125 days we are capable of offering 730 days of wages in a year under NREGA but we shall not allow voters to slip out like that” challenged a visibly angered Salman Khurshid.

Some innovative political thinkers on both sides of the border have gone to the extent of suggesting that a 50 Km wide “Live Free Zone” be created along the border wherein Indians and Chinese should be able to choose freely between NREGA & MATEGS; between Chow Mein, Masala Dosa or Tandoori Chicken or between UPA and Communist Party of China. This zone can then be gradually expanded over the years if the experiment proves to have a positive outcome.