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Chinese protest after not finding any lizard in the meal served by Air India

18, Jun 2015 By sarcasticknight

After reading the recent news about a lizard being found in an Air India flight meal and a fried rodent in a KFC meal, the Chinese have started a silent protest against the airline companies and KFC outlets operating in China for not serving them with such delicacies. Special care was taken that no one protest at the Tiananmen Square as they didn’t want their demands to be crushed unheard.

“Traveling from IRCTC and eating that delicious food is the dream of every Chinese! We heard that lucky travelers get worms in their meal!” Said a Chinese protestor.

Many people staged a candle march outside KFC outlets in Beijing and Guangzhou. They felt that as Asians, they had been racially abused and not served rodents by KFC like they do in Wilmington California. People let lose many rodents as a show of distress as their discrimination. A budding entrepreneur, Xiao Mack Jami, looked at this incident as an opportunity and started a deli serving fried rodents after he caught all that were let loose by the protesters. When asked about it, he said, “China has always been a land of opportunity. When KFC came to China, 24 people applied for a job and 23 were accepted. I was the only one left out. Today, I grabbed my chance and I must say, revenge is a dish best served cold fried.”

On the other hand, citizens continued their silent protest to demand of serving lizards on board flights. Similar demands had come up from school going children when a mid-day meal in a school in India was found containing lizards. They said that while Indian students fell ill due to their inability to digest lizards, the Chinese have been devouring them for years. They felt that the caterers of the school had just launched their product in a wrong market.

While what happens next still has to be seen, the Chinese Government has shown strong opposition of this movement asking airlines to serve lizard. An official of the Government gave a statement,” This is nothing but an Indian conspiracy. They want us to serve all our lizards on board giving rise to the problem of insects. And while we deal with it, they want to complete constructing that road in Arunachal. We won’t let that happen. Also, the Government shall  talk to officials at KFC and try to solve the matter with coercion peace as they always do.”

While people have come out on the streets, the tours and travels business has boomed with many companies offering a package with Air India flight to California so that their customers can devour the lizards and rodents until the issue is solved in their homeland.